Business Litigation

An Experienced Lawyer For Your Business Needs

When it comes to your business, you don’t want to take your legal matters lightly. Our firm’s attorneys have over 30 years of experience handling cases in both state and federal court, including arbitration panels. Ingber & Associates has worked on behalf of individuals and businesses throughout Southern California. These cases often get complicated quickly, and together we can work toward a resolution that you can be happy with.

We can help with a wide variety of business litigation cases, including:

  • Partnership disputes
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Chapter 11 litigation
  • Entertainment law
  • Bankruptcy Litigation
  • Adversary Proceedings
  • Employment Litigation
  • Real Estate Litigation

When dealing with business litigation cases, it’s normal for your emotions to run high. You’re usually litigating against people with whom you have formed relationships. It can be difficult to find a solution everyone can be happy with. Whether it is filing a claim against another company, a government entity or a group of individuals, we can help. Our firm will honestly assess your case and make sure you are protected moving forward.

No matter how big or small your case, we are here to answer any questions you may have. Our top priority is making sure that you can run your business the way you see fit. Whether it is negotiating on your behalf or fighting in court, we are not afraid to take even the most difficult of cases.

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Running your business is something you should take pride in. Make sure your needs are being met by contacting an experienced attorney today. Contact our office in Agoura Hills today at 1-800-455-4100 and 1-818-707-3811 or fill out our contact form.