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Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys Serving Los Angeles, California

Do Not Let Financial Problems Ruin Your Future

During the most difficult times, it can be overwhelming to have to respond to creditors without help from an experienced attorney. You do not have to handle these problems on your own and with the help of an experienced attorney, you can develop a strategy that will free you from the burden of your prior debts. By consulting with an attorney from Ingber & Associates, you can take control over your financial future.

How Do I Know if Bankruptcy Is Right for Me?

Our initial consultation is free. We will provide a personal review of your financial situation and evaluate your legal options, including the different types of bankruptcy filings commonly used by consumers such as Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, and we will discuss potential alternatives to bankruptcy. If our attorneys believe that bankruptcy is an appropriate option, you simply need to provide us with documents and information and Ingber & Associates will do everything needed to file your case with the United States Bankruptcy Court. Among the factors that our attorneys will evaluate:

  • Are you struggling to pay your debts?

  • Will it take you more than five years to repay your debts?

  • Are creditors threatening you?

  • Are you being sued or have a judgment against you?

  • Have your wages been garnished or have you suffered a bank levy?

Don't Face Bankruptcy Alone

Take Control of Your Financial Future

You deserve a bright future free from financial burden. Let us help you make that happen. Call our office in Agoura Hills or use our online email contact form to set up a free consultation.