Creditor Rights

Protecting Creditors Rights In Bankruptcy

Our attorneys are experienced at protecting creditors rights in bankruptcy. Bankruptcy cases have many important deadlines and requirements for creditors and an experienced attorney can make the difference between getting paid on a claim or losing out.

Pursuing Non-Dischargeable Debts And Denial Of Discharge

Creditors face unique challenges when a debtor files for bankruptcy. Our attorneys can help you evaluate whether there are grounds for denial of a debtor’s discharge or the non-dischargeability of debt.

Our attorneys are experienced litigators who have successfully pursued Adversary Proceedings on behalf of creditors.

What If The Bankruptcy Was Filed In Bad Faith?

The attorneys at Ingber & Associates have successfully obtained the dismissal of bankruptcy cases that were filed by debtors in bad faith. Let us evaluate your case. Call our office in Agoura Hills at 1-800-455-4100 and 1-818-707-3811 or use our online email contact form to set up a free consultation.