Do Not Let A Personal Injury Ruin Your Future

Some people think about the past after they’ve been injured through another person’s negligence: about their previous good health, their ability to work at their job or how well they were able to provide for their family. However, the path to recovery from a personal injury runs through the future, not the past. To prepare for that future, you and your family will need legal help to secure the funds you deserve from the responsible party – funds that can help ease your mind and help you focus on getting better.

At Ingber & Associates, our attorneys specialize in civil litigation, including personal injury lawsuits. They have a collective total of 30 years of legal experience. Our firm is small enough to offer easy access to your attorney and exceptional responsiveness. But the experience level of each of our lawyers allows us to staff complex cases so your claim receives the attention it needs to provide a fair settlement for you.

How Do I Know If I Have A Strong Personal Injury Claim?

Our attorneys will listen carefully to your story and help you establish how to construct a strong personal injury claim. Some of the components they will look for in your situation are:

  1. The duty of the other party to you – mainly seeing if they had a legal responsibility to act in a way that protected your well-being.
  2. Whether their duty to you was breached – meaning they failed to live up to their legal responsibility to you.
  3. If their breach of duty caused your accident – in other words, was the accident mostly their fault?
  4. If their negligence was the cause of your injuries and other losses.

Understanding these factors will help our legal staff accurately calculate a claim that is fair to you and likely to hold up during settlement negotiations or a trial. We have handled many personal injury cases, including ones centered on motor vehicle accidents, and know how to respond to the tactics the other side may use to reduce your claim or shirk their client’s responsibility.

Get Help From The Litigation Leaders

You deserve a bright post-accident future. Let us help you get the compensation you need for that to happen. Call our office in Agoura Hills at 818-707-3811 or use our online email contact form to set up a consultation.