Recovery After A Motor Vehicle Accident

Southern California is famous – infamous, even – for its motor vehicle traffic. While most of us can commiserate with the irritation of extended commutes, a far more serious consequence of so many cars in a limited geographic area is that it increases the likelihood of collisions, some of which can cause life-threatening, disabling or fatal injuries.

The attorneys of Ingber & Associates have three decades of collective experience in resolving personal injury cases, including many involving motor vehicle accidents. We have represented clients injured in car accidents, truck or semi-trailer collisions, and car-pedestrian or car-bicycle accidents. We understand that your first priority needs to be your physical and mental recovery, so we handle the heavy lifting when it comes to negotiating with insurance companies or preparing your case for court.

Common Damages Claimed After A Car Accident

With the proper legal support, motor vehicle accident victims can legitimately claim many types of damages in their lawsuit. Some of the most common types of damage claims are:

  • Medical bills related to the accident
  • Hospital bills
  • Fees for stays in rehabilitation facilities
  • Physical or occupational therapy needed after the accident
  • Vocational counseling and retraining
  • Bills for household tasks that the injury victim cannot do
  • Pain and suffering from the accident
  • Damages related to a victim’s wrongful death, if the accident resulted in fatal injuries

Defendants in a personal injury lawsuit and their insurance companies will attempt to minimize your damage claims and call your responsibility for the accident into question. Ingber & Associates’s lawyers understand these tactics and are ready with counter-moves to protect your case.

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